Soft Washing

Softwashing is a method of cleaning and maintaining the exterior of buildings and structures using low pressure and specially formulated cleaning solutions.  Softwashing uses a gentle spray and specialized cleaning solutions to safely and effectively remove algae, moss, lichens, and other organic growths from roofs, walls, and other surfaces. Softwashing is a popular choice for cleaning delicate surfaces such as historic buildings and monuments, as well as for cleaning large commercial and industrial buildings. The method is also used to keep surfaces clean and maintained, preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and other harmful organisms.

Jeremy was prompt in returning my original call and then was on time for his appointment for the first meeting. Then he and his crew were on time for the actual roof cleaning. They worked hard and did an excellent job. I recommend Jeremy highly.

Why Use Softwashing?

  1. To remove unsightly stains and discoloration: Softwashing can effectively remove stains caused by algae, moss, lichens, and other organic growths from a variety of surfaces, including roofs, walls, and decks. This can improve the appearance of a building and increase curb appeal.

  2. To prevent damage to delicate surfaces: Such as historic buildings, monuments, and certain types of roofing materials. Softwashing uses a gentle spray and specialized cleaning solutions, making it a safe option for cleaning these types of surfaces.

  3. To improve energy efficiency: Organic growths on roofs and walls can absorb heat, making buildings less energy efficient. Softwashing can remove these growths, improving the building’s insulation and reducing energy costs.

  4. To prevent the growth of harmful organisms: Softwashing helps to remove organic growths that can harbor harmful organisms such as mold, mildew, and bacteria. This can improve indoor air quality and prevent the growth of allergens.

  5. To extend the life of surfaces: Regularly cleaning and maintaining surfaces with softwashing can help to extend their life and delay the need for costly repairs or replacements. This can save money in the long run and keep the building looking its best.


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