Pressure Washing Docks in Coeur d'Alene

Pressure washing your dock is a critical part of maintaining the health and longevity of your dock. A good dock is a solid investment, but only if it is properly maintained. Constant exposure to the elements causes docks to deteriorate over time, but professional pressure washing can not only make your dock look sharp and clean, it can extend the life of your dock by removing dirt, grime and organic buildup.

Many Coeur d’Alene dock owners assume that cleaning their dock is simply a matter of spraying it down and scrubbing the problem areas. But improper cleaning only addresses the surface issues of your dock, and cleaning with the wrong products can do more harm than good.

At Keeping It Clean, our professional pressure washing experts will evaluate the particular needs of your dock and employ advanced industry tools and cleaning products to restore the luster to your dock and extend its lifespan.

Why Hire Keeping It Clean?

Professional Dock Cleaning Service in Coeur d’Alene

Washing off your dock seems simple enough. A little water, a little soap. Nothing to it. But without professional equipment and the proper cleaning products, all your efforts can actually do more damage than good. At Keeping It Clean, our highly-trained cleaning team understands precisely how to evaluate the particular needs of your dock. We employ only the most advanced and effective methods in the industry, and all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and will not cause further damage to your dock.

Our Coeur d’Alene dock pressure washing service not only restores the original beauty of your dock, but it also increases the health and longevity of your dock by removing mildew, mold, algae, lichen and other buildup that can cause the deterioration of your dock.

Environmentally Friendly Service

It is especially important to utilize only environmentally friendly products when pressure washing your dock. At Keeping It Clean, we do not promote or use harsh non-working chemical treatments. Our experts are trained to use precise water pressure, gallons per minute, water rotation and eco-friendly supplies to clean your dock and remove all organic matter down to the root. You never have to worry about toxic chemicals spilling into the water around your dock.

Why Pressure Wash Your Dock?

Remove Buildup From Cracks

Constant exposure to the elements causes docks to crack and warp. Those cracks often fill up with small particles of dirt and water, leading to growth of mold and moss. This organic buildup causes even further deterioration to the integrity of your dock. Professional pressure washing removes organic buildup from your dock, and at Keeping It Clean, we utilize special eco-friendly cleaning products that remove organic matter down to the root.

Remove Unsightly Stains

Docks can easily become stained over time. It is easy enough to ignore these stains and become used to the sight of a dirty dock. Many homeowners are surprised to learn just how much cleaner their dock looks after a professional power washing.

Power washing your dock will remove unsightly stains and years of buildup of dirt and grime and restore the original beauty of your dock. Whether you are getting ready for the start of summer or want to increase your property value to sell your home, pressure washing your dock is always a winner.

Maintain Safety

In certain cases, moss and mold buildup on a dock can become so thick that it becomes a potential hazard. Slippery moss and mold is an obvious danger on any dock, and it can rarely be addressed properly without professional power washing. Home cleaning will not remove moss and mold down to the root, leaving it instead to return again quickly.

At Keeping It Clean, our professional power washing team will remove all the moss, lichen, mold and algae building up on your dock, removing it down to the root.