Roof Snow Removal & Ice Dam Prevention in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Area

It is no secret that a heavy amount of snow can cause stress on your roof’s structure. A roof may not be able to withstand heavy amounts of snow and can cause serious damage if left on your rooftop. Ice buildup on your roof, known as ice dams, are another serious problem caused by roof snow accumulation. Ice dams are caused when the heat trapped in your attic or crawlspace begins to melt the snow on your roof. When running water gets trapped at the edge of your roof overhang where the heat is no longer rising, it freezes creating an ice dam. As the snow melts and temperatures rise and fall. The water backs up then freezes, then backs up more causing it to pool. This can cause major damage and leaks. Keeping your roof free of snow will prevent ice dams and structural damage caused by the weight of snow accumulation.

We use a gentle roof snow removal method to ensure no damage is done to your property.

With Keeping It Clean, you get an experienced owner present on every job to ensure OSHA safety standards. We are a licensed contractor in Idaho and Washington – bonded, insured and Workmans Comp Certified.


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